Disk on Key slowly getting smaller

Knapp magick.crow at gmail.com
Sun Mar 9 21:57:27 UTC 2008

>  That is a good point. The initial exposure must be free.
>  >  I hesitate to suggest that any of us use it because it's stable.  Certainly
>  >  not me.  If I can't push my OS to the breaking point, it isn't any fun :-)
>  I actually find Debian to be the most stable OS I've tried since the
>  Commodore 128. I currently use Ubuntu because it's not that much less
>  stable than Debian (debian based), but is far easier to maintain with
>  newer software. There are other reasons, but stability is a big part
>  of it.
>  Point well understood. I agree that I might not have tried Linux
>  should I have had to pay for it in the beginning.
>  Dotan Cohen

The reason I tried Linux was because Windows of the time was so
unstable! I would never had tried Linux if Window's Blue Screen of
Death had not been popping up almost every day and on the days that
did not get me the slow downs, viruses, ads, and rebooting every time
I updated something, did get me. Linux was free AND all the software
with it was free. It was also more stable than MS. One other really
important thing was that when Linux broke or did not work, I could
find a  way to fix it. With Windows you have no way to change it or
fix it; you must wait and hope that MS fixes it.

Douglas E Knapp

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