Disk on Key slowly getting smaller

Constantinos Maltezos pandarsson at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 9 19:28:02 UTC 2008

On Sunday 09 March 2008 2:00:13 Michael Leone wrote:
> > Is the reason that people use Linux because the software is free, or
> > because they like a secure, stable OS that just so happens is easy to
> > use and looks good too? The fact that the software is free is just a
> > nice bonus.
> I think you may find that this you overestimate the appeal of of no cost
> (in monetary terms) software. It's certainly not the only or even most
> compelling reason, but it's not a "oh, and btw, the software doesn't
> cost money, either".

I really hope this tangent doesn't go on forever, but I can't help but want to 
say a little something.

Free software may not be a secondary concern and it could be the main 
attraction for some people - and it certainly has its crusaders.  But a lot 
of us who might be considered geeks to some degree who are using Linux are 
getting friends and family members to use it, as well.  My 73 year old 
father, for instance, wouldn't know what to do with a Windows system if 
someone put one in front of him.  He uses sql-ledger for his business.  One 
of the big selling points on it is that it's free, however, he was all too 
willing to pay for the support when we came across a problem with no obvious 
solution.  Of course, being a businessman, he can respect someone wanting to 
make money on what they do.  I myself, being something of a writer, was very 
happy to pay for Writer's Cafe when I found it.  And most people, regardless 
of what OS they use, are generally willing to pay when they need something 
that doesn't have a free equivalent.  Since more "average" users are getting 
used to *nix operating systems, it's pretty safe to assume that these are 
generally going to be the people who won't mind paying when necessary.

That said, if it only works on Windows, I'll wait for a port or equivalent - 
as long as it's not necessary for university work.

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