undelete a folder ?

Sylviane et Perry White spwhite at freesurf.ch
Sun Mar 9 13:08:56 UTC 2008

On Monday 03 March 2008 06:13, Richard wrote:
> I need to recovery a folder off my backup usb drive vfat 32
> is there a application for doing this??, or a linux command ??

In case you didn't read it, there is some related stuff in the thread "Disk on 
Key slowly getting smaller".
Today  Gene Heskett wrote (experimenting with a 1.44 Mb diskette):
>  Messydos's directory 
> format uses a sector of the disk for the directory for every 8 files on the 
> disk. Delete the first 8 files so that that sector of the disk is marked 
> deleted, and the rest of the disks contents disappeared.  So I looked at it 
> with a disk editor on an os9 system and found everything was still there, so 
> I manually & half assedly undeleted a filename and the rest of the disk then 
> showed up again on the dosbox. 

You may also want to read previous messages in that thread.


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