Printing to a Windows 2000 server shared printer

O. Sinclair o.sinclair at
Thu Mar 6 07:41:56 UTC 2008

I got a really weird problem. For various reasons I had to downgrade a 
server from Windows2003 to Windows2000. In other words complete 
reinstall. This is now used as a workgroup server, not a domain server.

On that I installed and shared a printer. I have no problems using it 
from XP clients and had no problems finding it in SMB4K. I also had no 
problems printing to it while it was on Windows 2003 (domain). But now 
we who are on Kubuntu can not see it in CUPS or Printer "wizard" and can 
not print to it in any way I can think of, like using ip address instead 
of servername etc.

anyone have an idea I can try cause this is a major nuisance. And I can 
not upgrade again, an app runs on it now that works better in Win2000 
than 2003.


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