Problem with kde 3.5.9

honorshark honorshark at
Sat Mar 1 17:53:15 UTC 2008

lanzen wrote:
> On Friday 29 February 2008 22:51:36 Valter Mura wrote:
>> have you experienced problems while updating from kde 3.5.8 to 3.5.9? I got
>> an error in adept manager.
> Not sure what you mean, but I've just undated my 64 bit kubuntu and it's 
> working fine. I saw an error suggesting the need to create a cache for 
> something-konqueror while in adept, is that what you mean? 
> Anyway kubuntu lives well all the same.
> I'll update my 32bit later on this evening and I'll tell you if I spot 
> anything unusual.
You can easily fix this problem.
Get a konsole then type: sudo apt-get update (for being sure), then it 
will tell you to write: sudo dpkg --configure -a (or something like 
this, you'll see).

I experienced THIS on amd64 Kubuntu, with proposed, backports.

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