How to 'root-access' and delete a 'locked folder' at the desktop?

Bas Roufs basroufs at
Sat Mar 1 09:27:27 UTC 2008

Dear everybody

About one month ago, I downloaded 'hplip-2.7.12': a Linux driver for my 
HP 930C printer. I managed to install and to properly start using it. My 
printer works quite smoothly ever since that moment. However, one little 
but nasty problem still remains: I simply do not manage to remove the 
original download folder ''hplip-2.7.12' from my desktop. Whenever and 
however trying to remove that folder, I get the message that I do not 
have 'access rights to this location'. Attempts to  simply MOVE away 
that folder from the desktop to any other part of the hard disk always 
end up in the same non-result :-) When looking at the folder properties 
via Konqueror or Dolphin, it becomes clear that it is a 'locked folder': 
the user is 'root' and the group is also 'root'.  Under the heading 
'access permissions' I see that only the owner can 'change permissions'. 
So, I tried a few logical steps to fix the problem. I switched to root 
status in four ways in order to clarify my owner status:
* ALT  F2 > kdesu konqueror
* ALT F2 > kdesu dolphin
* Terminal session > root shell.
* Terminal session > root shell midnight commander.
However, none of these four ways delivered me a possibility to 
'root-access' desktop in order to remove or at least move  to elsewhere 
the hplip download folder, away from the desktop.

Is anybody able to deliver any clue to fix this little nasty problem :-)?

Thanks for any reply. Respectfully Yours,


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