exim4 : how to send email to local domain + address ?

David Fletcher kubuntu-users at thefletchers.net
Sun Jun 29 11:36:29 BST 2008

On Sunday 29 Jun 2008, Bruno Costacurta wrote:
> Hello,
> how to send email to a local mailbox ?
> My config in file email-addresses is :
> bruno: myemail at pt.lu
> root: myemail at pt.lu
> which works fine to email to external email address 
> but not for local, ie. from bruno to root as I received 
>    ----- The following addresses had permanent fatal errors -----
> <root at pc34ghz.org>
>     (reason: 550 Host unknown)
> I suppose I should indicate pc34ghz.org as local domaon not to be send to my 
> ISP smtp server (which is the reason of errror as my local domain is of 
> course not known) but how ? 

I think it might be the same problem as I had when I was just using a single 
machine. Installing postfix, telling it to set up as a single isolated 
machine, or whatever the option is, allowed me to get kmail to deliver mail 
locally on the same machine.

The reason I was doing this, was to pass on email to my son and wife, which 
all arrives from the same mail box at One and One. I've now got a little 
mini-ITX machine as a server which sorts everything into individual mail 
boxes and runs dovecot to allow collection.

AFAICT, kubuntu does not install any MTA by default. Of course you then have 
your choice, but personally I'd recommend using postfix. Even I managed to 
configure it on my server as a relay to an authenticated SMTP service, so it 
must be reasonably easy :-)


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