Gutsy & Hardy

Neil Winchurst barnaby at
Wed Jun 25 14:29:00 UTC 2008

Derek Broughton wrote:
> Ignazio Palmisano wrote:
>> Cary Bielenberg wrote:
>>> Neil,
>>>        type in konsole window sudo apt-get update then when that is
>>>        finished
>>> type apt-get install update-java-alternatives
> There's no such package.  update-java-alternatives is part of java-common,
> which should be already installed.
> So just "sudo update-java-alternatives"!
I have just tried that and it is wanting the name of a file. That is, it 
  wants --set <jname>

Do I just put java6 or sun-java6-jdk?

Thanks, we'll get there

Neil Winchurst

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