libkipi5 replacing libkipi0 (removing digikam!)

Derek Broughton news at
Tue Jun 24 15:43:29 UTC 2008

P Kapat wrote:

> Hi,
> A recent update in adept shows that kdegraphics-kde4 and gwenview-kde4
> depend on libkipi5 which conflicts (and replaces) libkipi0. As a
> result of this upgrade (not yet done) it shows that libkipi0, digikam,
> gwenview (among few others) are to be rmoved.
> What happened to the concept of KDE3 and KDE4 coexisting harmoniously?
> Here is the sources.list:
> deb hardy main
> deb hardy free non-free
> deb hardy main #Amarok
> Nightly aka Neon
> apart from official hardy, hardy-updates, hardy-security's main,
> restricted, universe, and multiverse
> Is this because of the Neon repository? I wanted it only for amaroK.
use "apt-cache policy" to see what repository is bringing in which packages.

It's unusual for a libXXX5 library to conflict with a libXXX0 library -
that's precisely why they have different package names - if we really had
to replace a package, we could use the same name.

I can say that _only_ using the official ubuntu sources + medibuntu,
gwenview-kde4 doesn't cause any removal of libraries.

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