The Speed Factor -- Kubuntu vs. Gentoo

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Mon Jun 16 17:39:16 UTC 2008

Bruce Marshall a écrit :
> On Saturday 14 June 2008, Derek Broughton wrote:
>> Well, no, his request was "how do I make Kubuntu as fast as my friend's
>> Gentoo?", and I say run it on the same hardware.  I'm sure he can fine tune
>> a few parameters in the kernel, but if he can prove a speed difference that
>> would be obvious to a user, I'll eat a hat...
> I would agree with this...
> I would doubt that any *normal* user would be able to see a difference by 
> tweaking the kernel unless that user is doing something VERY heavy with their 
> computer, like weather analysis or such...   and that makes them an abnormal 
> computer user.  
> The normal things that would affect the observed speed of a computer would be:
> CPU speed
> RAM  (if in short supply)
> Disk I/O
> all of which are hardware.
> No amount of software tweaking is going to make much difference unless there 
> is a serious problem with the software setup.

Like poor buggy SATA performance in K/Ubuntu?

Like useless heavy debug messages junks from almost all KDE applications
pushed along pipelines and written back to disk in file .xsession-errors
each time you use a KDE program?

Maybe that stupid default atime update that imply you need to know when
each single file has bean read? (do you?)

Or maybe that SVG rendering engine that suck memory and CPU each time it
update a damaged region after a window move, just because you have a
very nice Hardy Heron SVG drawing as your desktop background?

I agree, there are things users can do to improve performance in
Kubuntu, like avoiding SVG backgrounds.

There are other things like SATA slowness, poor choices in default mount
options that require wise knowledge to be fixed.

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