KDE4 & Samba

Graham Todd grahamtodd2 at googlemail.com
Sun Jun 15 15:42:37 UTC 2008

Frederic Schaer wrote:

> It's sad, I hope this all works when we are all forced to go to KDE4 (or
> shall I say gnome ? ;) ) !!

Myself, I've been looking at distros with the Enlightenment desktop and
window manager.  I hope KDE4 gets its act together to allow me rely upon
it before then because I'd hate to move from Kubuntu: even Xubuntu seems
to have matured enough.

As a PowerPC user, I've seen my architecture go from not being
officially supported, to my distro of choice not working in its
developing guise.  This is to be expecting as KDE4 is developing, but
not when its forced on us as the buggy default.  I must say gOS with
Enlightenment is performing just like the Mac OS X Leopard interface,
and Elive is working fine.  OpenGEU gives the KDE  structure with the
Enlightenment window manager, and looks great, and might be something
I'll turn to when KDE4 has matured.

Until then, the beauty of Linux is I have a choice........

Graham Todd

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