ATT/Bellsouth with Kubuntu

cherryfinals cherryfinals at
Sun Jun 15 02:23:30 UTC 2008

> >> So the NIC in question is Bellsouth provided? And they won't let
> you
> >> use any other model, such as one that is easier to use with Linux?
> > 
> > The wireless is built in to the laptop 
> Yes, but that's the point.  It has _nothing_ to do with Bell South. 
> Any
> wireless adapter should work with the router.

> > and no, we're not going to be 
> > spending money on another wireless card.
> You shouldn't need to, but really when you can get a working card for
> $20,
> is anything else worth the frustration?

You have a point there, Derek. That just might be a good option.

Thanks for the feedback and I'll let everyone know how it goes in a few
months, when I get down there to fondle the equipment in person. Heh.


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