Kubuntu Tutorials Day

Pastor JW pastor_jw at the-inner-circle.org
Wed Jun 11 14:29:53 UTC 2008

On Wednesday 11 June 2008 05:39:20 am Scott wrote:
> Bruce Marshall wrote:
> > I tried it, didn't like it, and switched back to KDE3.   I'm not going to
> > moan about it.  That's what linux is all about - - - choices.
> Same here I'm planning on trying KDE4 again when 8.10 comes out.  I also
> tried compiz for a while then got board of it :).
I don't like the only two screens of KDE4 if any effects are turned on.  I'm 
used to working with a normal of four which gives me a quick change from 
BibleTime, to Kmail, to Firefox, to stockmanager which are the four apps I 
run constantly.  I tried to set up KDE4 for use but the more I tried the more 
unusable it became so it is KDE3 here till some major fixes are installed.

73 de N7PSV aka Pastor JW <n><   PDGA# 35276

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