Help me Pls

Eric ejazzkatt at
Tue Jun 10 18:10:00 UTC 2008

john son wrote:
> Hi all,


Didn't you ask these same 3 questions a few days ago?

May I make a suggestion? Re-write this as 3 seperate questions and 
instead of saying help me as the subject, put a short description of the 

You could have as a subject , Panel problems, Amorok and Kaffeine not 
working, and what ever the 3rd problem is.

If you send a message with a subject like help please, for anyone to 
help you they would have to open your email to see what your problem is. 
If you use an informative subject, if someone is just looking at the 
subject, they will know what the problem is and in fact, may have dealt 
with the same problem.

Try it.

See if you get answers that way.

Eric Jackson

> Im new with kubuntu, I got problem :
> 1. I cant remove panel in my screen got shrinked, even after I configure pane and klik remove from panel, theres no command removing panel
> 2.I cant play Audio and Video/ Vcd player with Amarok, Kaffeine etc
> 3.I cant sho

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