Using IMAP for the list

Neil Winchurst barnaby at
Tue Jun 3 09:53:23 UTC 2008

lanzen wrote:
> Neil Winchurst wrote:
>> I expect it to work like this. All emails arrive at my server and are 
>> placed in the inbox. When they are downloaded to my computer they are 
>> sent to one or other of the two new mailboxes. So they are all together 
>> on my server, they are split up on my hard drive. Does that make a 
>> difference?
> Well, if the filtering action is "move", they'll be deleted from the
> server. You want "copy". You could copy to your HD and also to a
> different folder on the server, say an folder called archive or
> something meaningful to to you.
Well, I have checked and, yes, I had the filtering set as move. I have 
now changed it to copy.

I think I have not understood how IMAP works. Can I check please? I 
created two new mail boxes on my HD at home. Then I set the filter to 
place each email in one or the other of those new boxes. This was all 
done on the home HD. I did not do anything on the server.

I expected all emails to be placed in the Inbox on the server and to 
stay there. I expected the filtering to effect my home HD only and that 
all the emails should remain on the server in the Inbox. Is this wrong? 
I find that the emails are correctly placed in the relevant mail box on 
my home computer, but I can not find them on the server. They do not 
appear in the Inbox on the server, or anywhere that I can see. This is 
what is puzzling me.

Should I have set up two new matching mail boxes on the server and then 
filtered them on the server as well?

Thanks for any help

Neil Winchurst

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