Please keep it civil

Art Alexion art.alexion at
Mon Jun 2 00:47:32 UTC 2008

On Sunday 01 June 2008 18:02:56 Richard A. Johnson wrote:
> Please have a bit of consideration when you have a problem with something,
> especially when the only thing you might be contributing is head aches for
> those busting their arses to get free software into the hands of many.

On Sunday 01 June 2008 07:49:08 Myriam Schweingruber wrote:

> Again, usability has been tested by usability professionals who do
> extensive and in depth research in that field, do you?

If you only hear praises or neutral stuff then you will have to rely on 
Myriam's "professionals" to tell you what the community wants.

I am not a developer and appreciate the work that developers do for the 
community, but I need to ask:

Are you developing for yourself or the community?  Either is quite valid and 
many people who have contributed great software to the community developed it 
because they had a personal need or desire for it.

But if you are developing for the community, I would think that you would want 
to know what the community wants, doesn't want, likes and dislikes.

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