Please keep it civil

Steven Vollom stevenvollom at
Sun Jun 1 22:27:18 UTC 2008

Richard A. Johnson wrote:
> If you have dislikes about a certain project, this is not the list to do it on. 
> This list is for free, community-based, user support and not "KDE 4 won't do 
> this or that and it sucks!"
> There is nothing more that I like to do than working so hard on a project that 
> everyone constantly has something negative to say. It gets annoying really 
> fast. Threats of moving to Gnome because Ibex will be KDE 4 doesn't help your 
> cause at all, because guess what, you are still using free software, and that 
> is all that matters to me. I have been around KDE since the 1.1 days and I have 
> seen it go through good, bad, worse, and WHAT THE HECK! and never once did I 
> whine about something because I didn't like it. I have been with Linux since 
> 1994, and there was a bunch of stuff I never liked, but guess what, I had 
> options and choices, so there was bound to be something I did like, or hey, I 
> could even contribute to a project I wanted so I could like it even more. 
> Contributing isn't hard to do.
> Please have a bit of consideration when you have a problem with something, 
> especially when the only thing you might be contributing is head aches for 
> those busting their arses to get free software into the hands of many. If you 
> want to contribute something positive, there are bug reports, user support, and 
> more. Sitting around on a mailing list, a blog, or a forum flaming or 
> disrespecting a FREE project is a waste of not only the developer's time, but 
> your time as well.
Hear Hear or here here, whatever.

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