audiocd:/ kioslave and KDE 4.1

Robert Costa zabbarob at
Thu Jul 31 23:48:27 BST 2008

2008/8/1 Manuel McLure <manuel at>:
> Has anyone had success using the audiocd:/ kioslave on KDE 4.1? When I
> use it, I see the tracks of the CD in the root directory as .wav
> files, and I see Ogg Vorbis, FLAC, MP3 and other subdirectories, but
> if I open one of the subdirectories (except for Full Disc) it's empty.
> Amarok (using the 3.5 kioslave) sees the MP3/Ogg files just fine. Just
> wondering if I'm missing something obvious, or if I should report this
> as a bug. This works fine on 3.5.

You're not alone. I get the same behavior here. Typing "audiocd:/"
into Dolphin's location text field gives me some directories without
entries and the wav files in the main dir. The subdirs are:

audiocd:/Full CD
audiocd:/Ogg Vorbis

Actually "CDA", "FLAC", "MP3" and "Ogg Vorbis" are empty; "Full CD"
contains 5 items (Full CD.cda, -.flac, -.mp3, -ogg, .-wav);
"Information" contains one file "CDDB Information.txt", but clicking
on it results in an error message "The file or folder
/Information/CDDB Information.txt does not exist.".

Dragging and dropping the files in "Full CD" seems to work, althoug I
didn't let the copy process run till its end. Dragging the "CDDB
Information.txt" also works and produces a correct file, for what I
can see - still as written above clicking the file results in an error

With KDE 3.x I had no problem with the audiocd:/ kioslave in Konqueror
and Dolphin (under kubuntu 7.10), but I have not tested it's behaviour
with those programs now. Anyhow - it's working with Amarok, so I
suppose the KDE 3.5 kioslave is still working here, too.


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