Q: 4.1 and non-interference with 3.5.9?

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Wed Jul 30 03:13:23 BST 2008

So here's my take after playing around with beta, rc1 and today, the final release...

Your data is probably completely safe.  I would say less about your configuration, but that can probably be managed by making a backup of ~/.kde before playing around with kde4.

The biggest problem I've run into is that if I use the classic K menu in 4.1, when it crashes (which it is still prone to do), it will mess up the K menu in 3.5.9 for that user.

To go a bit OT...The other thing I have noticed is that a number of system tray applets (smb4k, knetload, networkmanager, guidance-power-manager) will only load to the 4.1 tray if 3.5.9 is running (run 4.1 as the same user under a different X session).  These do not load if 3.5.9 isn't running.

I agree with the initial reviews that 4.1 is more than usable, but it still isn't at the level of 3.5.9 and the small speed increase is not a sufficiently compelling reason to switch.

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From: "D. R. Evans" <doc.evans at gmail.com>
> I have vaguely been following the various discussions here about KDE 4.x.
> Now that 4.1 has been released, I'm awfully tempted to try it for myself.
> But I don't want to risk losing ANYTHING from my 3.5.9 installation.
> At this point, does it appear to be completely safe to install 4.1 as
> described at http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kde-4.1? That is, if I install
> this, will I definitely be able to revert to my fully-functional 3.5.9
> exactly as it is now?
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