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O. Sinclair o.sinclair at gmail.com
Mon Jul 28 18:50:43 BST 2008

Willy Hamra wrote:
> 2008/7/28 Girard Henri <girardhenri at free.fr <mailto:girardhenri at free.fr>>
>     did you try virtualbox ?
>     I think it's much better and lighter :)
>     Le lundi 28 juillet 2008 à 10:50 -0600, D. R. Evans a écrit :
>      > Found the fix:
>      >
>      >
>     http://blog.fekw.de/2008/05/30/kubuntu-804-64bit-essential-apps-install-guide/5/
>      >
>      >   Doc
>      >
>      > --
>      > Web:  http://www.sff.net/people/N7DR
>      >
> no one seems to give me a definite answer about this, is vmware any 
> better than the free alternatives available? i've heard some people 
> complain about USB support, which isn't a problem since i rarely use USB 
> in my virtual machines, but what about stability? vmware never crashed 
> or did anything funny with me, on windows and linux, not a single 
> problem with network even after kernel updates. i want to also ask about 
> compatibility, are vmware's virtual machines compatible with virtualbox? 
> and vice-versa?
> thanks in advance
well I can not help on the compatibility but I use Virtualbox and run 
both XP and Vista for purpose of user-support and all works very well. 
USB-support is in the "non-OSE"-version so I am not using the one in the 
repos, network is very smooth. Better or not I can not say, just that VB 
works very well.


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