8.04.1 so buggy I'm about to go back to Dapper

Billie Walsh bilwalsh at swbell.net
Thu Jul 24 18:01:09 BST 2008

Gerald I. Evenden wrote:
> I down loaded 8.04.1  amd64 a couple of weeks ago to replace my aging Dapper 
> system and try to get up to date.
> After a couple of tries I managed to determine the correct path though the 
> start of the DVD and managed to successfully get a boot on the second 
> attempt.  Since then it has been nothing but a collection of little 
> got-cha's---too many to list here.
> Current nasty is that I can't determine the correct selection monitor/nvidia 
> version to get my 1600x1200 screen to work.  Worked fine under Dapper but now 
> the only usage form is 1280x1024.  I tried to reload the Nvidia driver but 
> things got worse.
> Firefox and Konqueror are mixed as to what works on what.  Java works (at 
> least partially) on Firefox but fails on Konqueror.  I can view youtube on 
> Konqueror but not Firefox,  ... and on and on.
> Some programs just disappear when I try to execute them.
> Sometime, the disc seems to be thrashing around for a very long time in the 
> background.  I'm not used to this under Dapper.
> Question: is 8.04 any better?  I downloaded from the Kunbunto site---should I 
> buy a distribution disc?  And from whom?
> Any suggestions would be helpful---even telling me to go back to Dapper.
> PS: I did all the tests to verify the quality of the download and it passed.
> Thanks in advance.

When I went and looked on the Kubuntu site all I found was 8.04 for 
download. Either the standard or the KDE4 remix. Is 8.04.1 a final 
release or a b/rc release? I would think if it is a final it would be 
available through the normal download procedure, not just the 8.04.

If it's a b/rc release that could explain some of your issues.

I've been using 8.04/KDE3.5.9 since release and find it VERY stable and 
easy to install. Well, actually, I just did the "upgrade" through adept 
on my desktop. But the 8.04/64 install on my new laptop was great. [ 
AND, best of all - EVERYTHING worked "right-out-of-the-box" ]

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