Add/Remove Software Application Question

Barry Premeaux bpremeaux at
Thu Jul 24 17:37:48 BST 2008

Thank you.  I'll check it out.  Like I said, I'm still on the learning
curve with Kubuntu.  It's my first debian based system.  I am more
familiar with rpm based systems, PCLinuxOS, Opensuse, Fedora and
Mandriva primarily.  I am still running PCLinuxOS on my laptop.

I finally updated my aging desktop with a unit that came with Opensuse
11.0 preinstalled.  It had issues with my printer and seeing the
repositories over my dial up.  They did the updates over the network
port.  I had live CD's for Mandriva 2008.1 spring and Kubuntu 8.04.  I
tried both and decided to go with Kubuntu.  So far, I like it.  But,
it is going to take a few days to get everything set up just the way I
want it.


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