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Thu Jul 24 16:10:24 UTC 2008

add/remove programs is just as it's name says for adding  and removing
programs, not working with updates. it uses apt-get in the back-end, but for
a gui that manages updates, use adept, it is found in the k-menu/system. you
can see your updates there. and an easier option is to check adept_notifier,
it is the orange/brown box in the bottom roght corner, if you hover the
mouse over it, it should say the number of updated packages available. click
it, and it will display the list of packages and what is going to be changed
in them (update, remove, new install...)

2008/7/24 Barry Premeaux <bpremeaux at>:

> I just installed Kubuntu on a new PC and am working my way through the
> learning curve.  When the Add/Remove Software application finished
> updating, it said I had 160 updates available.  I haven't found an
> option in that application for listing just the updates.  Apt-get has
> an apt-show updates option which will give you the listing of
> available updates.  But going through a listing of 160 files in a
> terminal window could be a bit troublesome.  I will probably install
> Synaptic, since I am familiar with it.  Since I am on a dial up
> connection, I need to select small groups to update.  Hitting the
> servers with apt-get updates would probably give me some where between
> 500-650M of data.  Not real doable on dial up.
> Still, I was wondering if there is a hidden option in Add/Remove
> Software for displaying just available updates.  It knows they are out
> there, but I can't find anything in the documentation that explains
> how to view just these files.
> Barry
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