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> O. Sinclair wrote:
> > Derek Broughton wrote:
> >> O. Sinclair wrote:
> >>
> >>> Donn wrote:
> >>>> On Friday, 18 July 2008 18:47:19 Derek Broughton wrote:
> >>>>> This is true.  Network manager doesn't understand the use of multiple
> >>>>> concurrent interfaces
> >>>> Does 'network manager' mean a gui thing (my laptop runs Ubuntu) or is
> >>>> it some lower-level thing? It seems weird that it can't handle eth0
> and
> >>>> wireless at the same time -- even Windoze can do it!
> >>>>
> >>> this seems to be hardware dependent from my experience. In my Dell I
> can
> >>> use both (or rather the computer is aware of both even if a cable is in
> >>> the wired socket or not) while on an HP I installed a couple of weeks
> >>> only one is active - and the wireless simply "disappears" when you
> >>> insert a cable.
> >>
> >> It shouldn't be hardware - it should be a matter of whether you have the
> >> wired interface defined in /etc/network/interfaces.  If it isn't, it's
> >> handled by Network manager, which is only going to handle one interface
> >> at
> >> a time.  If it is, network manager will ignore it.
> > I don't, wicd goes nuts if you mess the interfaces manually.
> Well, as I said - wicd isn't always the answer :-)  NM simply doesn't
> handle
> interfaces that have been configured manually.
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> derek
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Wow my thread really took off.  Disabling the eth0 (and eth1) was a good
idea, but no joy.  There isn't any physical network cables plugged into the
computer, just the wireless device.  To test it, I basically unplug my
router and give it like 5 minutes for Kubuntu to disable wlan0, then I plug
the router back in.  Once it is plugged back in nothing happens, wlan0 does
not automatically reactivate.

I haven't tried wicd yet because it isn't in the repos (at least not the
default ones).
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