kde 4.1 config issues

Karl Vanwynsberghe karl.vanwynsberghe at telenet.be
Sat Jul 19 08:51:02 BST 2008

Op Thursday 17 July 2008 23:28:34 schreef pkaplan1 at comcast.net:
> I'm having inconsistencies between some apps on different laptops both with
> KDE 4.1.
> One example is that knetworkmanager (3.5.9) appears in the system tray on
> one machine, but not the other.  Similarly, I can't get smb4k to go to the
> system tray on one machine although it will launch as an application and
> seems to work OK. A different example (in this case the problem is the
> opposite machine) is that the panel clock on one machine is only as wide as
> it needs to be to see the digits displaying the time, where as on the other
> machine the clock takes up a lot of space judging from how close the
> nearest widget can be placed.
> I've tried deleting ~/.kde4, but it doesn't seem to solve the problem on
> either machine; the behavior is consistent on the machine where the problem
> was first noted, so the problem lies outside ~/.kde4
> I'm at a loss as to how to fix or trouble shoot.  Any ideas?
> Paul

I have the same problem here.
Somethimes knetworkmanager is shown in the tray, somethime not... 
Identically with kwalletmanager.


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