Smaller model laptops in combination with Kubuntu - request for advise?

Bas Roufs basroufs at
Tue Jul 15 09:35:44 UTC 2008

Hello everybody

Thanks for all the useful input so far in this thread!

> I'm interest to buy a "netbook" too, I have been decided for the VIA 
> openbook that it's a open design, what do you think about this model? 
> for specifications <tr_1215972961261> : here 
> <>  
With interest I have taken a look at the website
It looks like a kind of Open Source design model, made under the 
so-called 'creative commons' license.

Most of the technical specifications look perfectly acceptable to me. 
(See, click at 'specifications.) However, I have 
questions about two major items amongst them.

The main data storage medium is an 80 GB 'Hard Disk' (HD). To which 
extend is that one 'shock proof'?

The battery has the following specs: 4 Cells, 2600ma. How much time 
'autonomous battery life' do they have?

Finally - is there already anybody who has practical experience with 
'Via OpenBook' in combination with Kubuntu?

Respectfully Yours,


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