Firefox lost the language Spanish

Jordi Ferrando Fabra jferrando at
Mon Jul 14 15:20:52 UTC 2008

You're right. I have disabled the pre-releases repository and favour 
stability of my system.

claydoh escribió:
> On Monday 14 July 2008 9:50:46 am Jordi Ferrando Fabra wrote:
>> Hi,
>> After today's upgrade to kubuntu hardy (firefox 3.0.1 beta) displays its
>> menus in English in my Spanish Kubuntu computer.
>> Any idea? Should kubuntu support staff better test the upgrades?
>> --
>> *Jordi Ferrando Fabra*
>> *Director Técnico* * NETPLC*
> As the firefox update to 3.0.1 is found in the 'hardy-proposed' repository 
> (the 'pre-release updates' selection in Adept's repository management area, 
> and not enabled by default)
> they are meant for testing purposes by users before they are made available in 
> the normal repositories. I am guessing the language packages aren't yet built 
> for 3.0.1. This sort of problem is the kind of  thing Ubuntu's firefox team 
> is looking for before finalizing the packages for final release.

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