Gimp printing

Neil Winchurst barnaby at
Sun Jul 13 19:32:31 BST 2008

I recently installed Gutsy (Kubuntu). Previously I ran Edgy. I do use 
the Gimp a lot, but rarely for printing. With Edgy I installed Gimp 
print and it worked fine.

Today I tried to install gimp print on Gutsy and it would not do it, 
with some message about breaking some other programs. The Gimp itself 
works fine for making changes to my photos before adding them to a photo 
blog. Today is the first time that I have thought about making some prints.

Can anyone tell me where to go from here please? I have version 2.4.6 of 
the Gimp now. Previously, with Edgy, I had version 2.2.8. I cannot 
understand why I had no problems before while now I cannot install the 
print program.


Neil Winchurst

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