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On Sat, Jul 12, 2008 at 10:43 PM, Brian Parma <execrable at> wrote:

> Hey,
>   I've been using Kubuntu for a little while now, but I recently set up a
> new media box for my TV.  Since I didn't want to run cables across the
> living room, I decided to give wireless a try.  It's been a long time since
> I tried to get wireless working in linux, so I was surprised at how easy it
> was.  The only problem I am having is that on occasion the wireless will go
> down and then come back up.  When the wireless first goes down, the linux
> box tries to reconnect but is unable (since the wireless is down) so it
> gives up.  When the wireless comes back up it doesn't reconnect
> automatically.  If I go to the desktop, right click on knetworkmanager, and
> click on my network it connects fine, but as this is a media PC I want to be
> able to remotely access it from my other boxes.  Having to go out and
> reconnect it manually so frequently is extremely annoying.
> I've tried searching for help on this topic for a few days but I could not
> find anything specifically addressing this problem (maybe I'm just bad at
> searching).  All the topics I found were about automatically connecting on
> boot (which works fine).  Is there anyone that knows of a utility or setting
> that I could use to fix this?
> I'm using the latest Kubuntu with KNetworkmanager.
> Thanks

Could you just set up a cron task to check the network every so often and if
not connected then try?

Douglas E Knapp
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