Trying to remove samba on GG wants to remove Kubuntu-desktop

Derek Broughton news at
Thu Jul 10 20:31:37 BST 2008

Willy K. Hamra wrote:

> Nils Kassube wrote:
>> Nigel Henry wrote:
>>> Well this is a bit weird. I don't use MS Windows, so don't need Samba,
>>> and being on dialup, Samba updates are not needed. So I open synaptic,
>>> and check remove samba-common. Now I'm told that kubuntu-desktop, and
>>> smbclient are going to be removed. Now I've no problems with smbclient
>>> being removed, but why the hell does removing samba, also want to
>>> remove my desktop.
>> You can remove kubuntu-desktop without loosing any installed program. The
>> package kubuntu-desktop is a meta-package which depends on all packages
>> needed to install the desktop.
> if kubuntu-desktop got removed, and he ran apt-get (or any other package
> program), won't he get a huge list of kubuntu-dekstop dependencies that
> were installed and are no longer needed, and would suggest he run
> "apt-get autoremove" to remove them? 

No idea - I haven't used apt-get since aptitude came along, and apt-get
never used to do that sort of thing - but it doesn't happen with aptitude.

> as far as i know, whenever i want 
> to remove a program and all it's packages i remove the meta-package, and
> run "sudo apt-get autoremove". and maybe i'm wrong :)

It must handle implicit removal of a meta-package by removing a dependent
automatically installed package (e.g., samba-common), differently from
explicit removal of that metapackage, or it would never be possible to
remove any dependencies without removing all others - or remarking them as

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