WLAN in HH 8.04

Derek Broughton news at pointerstop.ca
Tue Jul 8 01:21:24 BST 2008

Tom Bell wrote:

> I am wondering how Hardy Heron 8.04 (HH 8.04) can load the proprietary
> drivers for a wireless card, then not see the card.  "lshw" and "lspci"
> do not even show the equipment on two different computers that previous
> versions of Kubuntu did.  The WLAN equipment just doesn't exist, period.

If lshw, lsusb and lspci can't see a card, then it doesn't exist - never
mind whether the drivers are loaded.  So that's not terribly surprising.

> I got a notebook, ASUS Eee 900, and it has a wireless card and loaded
> the proprietary drivers on initial load.  On bootup, it does not even
> see the wireless equipment.  To use the wireless, I have to boot into
> the Xandros distro that comes on the drive (20GB SSD).  That is like
> getting a lobotomy!  Apologies to Xandros fans, I am sure that the full
> Xandros it not as crippled as ASUS' version.
> Imagine a computer that will not allow you to add programs, except for
> what is in the extremely limited repository ASUS has setup.  

So add repositories!  It's a Debian-based system.  You _should_ be able to
actually add Ubuntu repositories and do an "aptitude full-upgrade".  It's
liable to involve many hours of manually fixing conflicts, but that's how I
first got from Debian to Ubuntu...

> I could really use some help getting HH 8.04 to recognize WLAN equipment.

Then you should try giving us some real information.  How can you expect us
to diagnose a problem without even knowing what the wifi hardware is, let
alone what you think the drivers should be?

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