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Mon Jul 7 14:46:14 UTC 2008

On Saturday 05 July 2008 09:22:46 Pablo El Feo wrote:
> > Besides that shouting, did you file a bug for it? I agree it's not
> > usable for the moment, but the website states it's still in unstable
> > mode (as is the whole 4.1b2), so let's at least do something helpful!
> You are right, I sorry... I did a lot of souting, but I'm really
> frustrated. And disappointed... not with strigi itself, strigi (I guess)
> does it's job, it indexes... I thing I was expecting something more mature,
> strigi stuff versions are about 0.5 while beagle id 0.3 and it really is
> easier on the user. And, I always thought of Kubuntu as a distro that take
> very serious the user experience... and I thought that if they have strigi
> in their standard distribution it should be something useful, and easy to
> use and setup. I also don't know I I'm doing something wrong... most
> programs are very configurable, at least more than they seem. So I was
> hoping there was something I could do to improve my search results.
> The bug report... well... I've seen very strange bug reports (like a wine
> bug that states that people still prefere to use the original Windows
> API)... Can general frustration and disappointment be reported as a bug?
Alittle off, but what happened to porting Googledesktop to kde4? I switchewd 
to it in 3.5.9 and loved it, fast and found everything fast.

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