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         There is a problem with Kubuntu at present where the password
required is the root password not your elevated password. If you do a sudo
passwd root & setup the root password (not recommended) it will use the real
root's password. One problem at the moment if you are using intrepid is
adept will crash soon after you put in the password anyway :-(






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I get the following dialog box when I run Adept Manager:

"You will not be able to change your system settings in any way (install,
remove or upgrade software), because this application needs special
administrator (root) privileges. Please run it as root or through kdesu or
sudo programs to be able to perform these actions"


On Sun, Jul 6, 2008 at 11:29 AM, Wulfy <wulfmann at> wrote:

David wrote:
> Sorry if this seems obvious but being new to the wonderful world of
> Ubuntu could you let me know the correct way to run Adept Manger under
> "root".  I understand the command sudo does that under Terminal but I
> don't understand the form of the command.
> My objective is to fetch updates by using Adept Manager but I need to
> run it as "root".  I am using Ubuntu 8.04 - Hardy Heron.
> I have Admin rights as a user on the system.
> Thanks,
> David
> <smart tag line left off as I couldn't find anything to say!>

Doesn't clicking on the menu item for Adept bring up the password
dialogue?  There should be no need under normal circumstances to run a
graphical program from the terminal and those that need to be run as
root should automatically do so.



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