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Sat Jul 5 14:18:01 UTC 2008

2008/7/5 Steven Vollom <stevenvollom at sbcglobal.net>:
> I am curious.  Are the publishers dissatisfied because the dictated work
> is sent in saved data form?  I mean, if they were to read the book
> printed on paper, how would they know if the document was dictated from
> a word processor.
> The primary reason I used Naturally Speaking was to keep from making
> errors, not save paper.  I believe you can format or even use a
> publishing format and still use Naturally Speaking.
> It has been so long since I have used Microsoft (also I am getting older
> and the memory is getting soft) that I can't remember the publishing
> program that I used for Microsoft processors, but it worked with the
> same quality using Naturally Speaking as when I was just dictating an
> email.  You had the ability to include photographs.  You could have the
> page numbers automatically entered and type on both sides of a sheet.
> It appeared to produce publishable work from a saved file.
> I am probably over my head in this conversation, because I am not an
> author, but I used the program for similar private purposes and had
> success.  I am not trying to sell Naturally Speaking either, it is just
> my experience with an older version was much better than the comments I
> have been reading in the forum.  Including error corrections, I believe
> I worked at over 100 words per minute.  That is a lot faster than I can
> type (and I don't type error free).
> Steven

The video on the Nuance website states that DNS works with any
Windows-based program. They show usage of the program only with MS
products, though, such as Word, IE, and OE.

Dotan Cohen


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