lost and found problem

Perikli Thanasi perikli.thanasi at gmail.com
Sat Jul 5 12:31:48 BST 2008

> >
> lost+found is a special directory, the system automatically changes it's
> owner to the user "root", after creating it, but it's only this
> directory, are you having this problem with other directories?

No only this...

> in that
> case it would be a problem, otherwise, it is perfectly normal for
> "lost+found" to be inaccessible.

Yes but i have 2 lost and found folders...
1. On root media storage
2. and the second one on  Home (which is in an other partition)

> hope this clears it up for you :)

I think that i understood the use...but til can i make that my Home
partitition can be used by my programs (example amarok) without the
necessity to enter the password every time?

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