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Sat Jul 5 04:39:30 BST 2008

El Friday 04 July 2008 16:46:33 escribió:
> Hi Pablo,
> On 04/07/2008, Pablo El Feo <plberd-kubuntu at> wrote:
> > Hi, people... Have anybody used strigi?
> >...
> >  Strigi, on the other hand... well... the complete search results are
> > shown in a browser (I have to wait 'till it's open), the categories it
> > uses are even worse than google's, it searches through every text file
> > the same... I get kopete logs, normal text files, c, java, haskell, latex
> > sources, and configuration files all mixed up. Even the web page is ugly.
> > And I really miss the kopete log viewer... I really use the index search
> > to remember what I've been told (my biological memory sucks).
> Hm, just wondering, how did you use it? There is a package called
> strigi-client, did you install it? Also, there is a strigi-applet for
> the panel and a frontend called catfish. Strigi being a daemon running
> in the background, I don't really see how you can use it comfortably
> without a front end.

I use:
Strigi-applet: Very useless since it only searches by name:hatever* (I really 
don't want to waste 2.0G in an index to search that)
Catfish, I just installed it, but always says: Fatal error, search was aborted. 
Click here to start the search daemon.
But it it started and running, other clients don't complain.

The webpage search and strigiclient are both equally useless: strigi indexes 
EVERYTHING... but it really doesn't know what it is... if I search the name of 
a contact (Martin) it gives me 609 results, classified as: kde(13), mail(175), 
other (422).
Let's be kind and suppose I was looking for a mail (the only meaningful class it 
seems to have)... the 175 results look pretty much the same:

Martin Laberge ... 
/home/plb/.kde/share/apps/kmail/mail/kubuntu-users/cur/1214787490.5937.O52qU:2,S - 
3k - 

What am I supposed to do with that? I usually search mails by date, subject, 
attachments... I only know that it contains the word I'm searching, and it's 3k 
long. The rest... well... I don't want to understand that.

If I was searching for a chat log, an application, information about a contact, 
a document... well I'll have to poll the hole "other" list of equally 
undescriptive items.

Either I'm doing something VERY wrong... or this strigi is very useless.
I'm really looking forward to try nepomuk, but if it's only going to bring even 
more files to the search results of this kind... well... I'll stop wasting disk 
space in indexes.

> In the future, Strigi should be usable with Nepomuk from Dolphin.
> Greets
> Myriam

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