How to clean out ~/home

Asuka Langley hunkumori at
Sat Jul 5 05:35:18 UTC 2008


I would just delete the whole home, after saving my personal data, and some
REALLY necessary configs. Like rtorrent.rc, conky.rc, and so on, what I know
I will need them. Thats the easiest, cleanest way to do something like this.
KDE makes the necessary files at the first login, so it will be fixed (your
problem), if its kde related, or anything what is related to your ~/home


2008/7/3 David Fletcher <kubuntu-users at>:

> At 16:25 03/07/2008, you wrote:
> >I wouldn't destroy all of them (rm .*)  Try to find the areas you have
> >problems with first (Like the .kde and .kde4 directory) and just delete
> >those.  They will be recreated the next time kde starts up.
> I'm sitting in front of an XP machine at work |-O right now so I
> can't check for sure, but aren't things like the kdewallet stored
> under ~/.kde? What I'm saying is, be careful what you delete. Might
> be better to hide it from the system by renaming it, then it can
> easily be restored.
> Dave
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