lost and found problem

Perikli Thanasi perikli.thanasi at gmail.com
Fri Jul 4 21:46:29 BST 2008

Hi to everybody,
I'm a new kubuntu user (and linux also) and i have already a problem :-(

I had installed OpenSuse 11 before i decide to change on Kubuntu, and also i
had a /home partition for my files...
When i installed kubuntu i left every thing the same...

The swap, the root and of course home...but now in the storage media i find
my home ...and every time that i try to open it, i need my root password,
plus i cant delete a file named lost + found (that opensuse created) - i
don't have the permissions!

So what can i do? I don't want to write my pass every time that i want to
lessen to a song... :-)

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