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Fri Jul 4 20:46:33 BST 2008

Hi Pablo,

On 04/07/2008, Pablo El Feo <plberd-kubuntu at> wrote:
> Hi, people... Have anybody used strigi?
>  Strigi, on the other hand... well... the complete search results are shown in a
>  browser (I have to wait 'till it's open), the categories it uses are even worse
>  than google's, it searches through every text file the same... I get kopete
>  logs, normal text files, c, java, haskell, latex sources, and configuration
>  files all mixed up. Even the web page is ugly. And I really miss the kopete log
>  viewer... I really use the index search to remember what I've been told (my
>  biological memory sucks).

Hm, just wondering, how did you use it? There is a package called
strigi-client, did you install it? Also, there is a strigi-applet for
the panel and a frontend called catfish. Strigi being a daemon running
in the background, I don't really see how you can use it comfortably
without a front end.

In the future, Strigi should be usable with Nepomuk from Dolphin.



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