Pablo El Feo plberd-kubuntu at
Fri Jul 4 18:46:11 UTC 2008

Hi, people... Have anybody used strigi?
About a week ago I Beagle started using 100% of my cpu. It seems some people 
have this problem but no one found a solution yet. So, I decided to change my 
indexed search engine. I use Google Desktop at work so I decided to reinstall 
strigi in my Kubuntu 8.04 box.
I used to use beagle with kerry and I really love the interface, the search 
results are well categorized, you can apply some filters (not many but it's 
what I need). It lets KDE create the preview of the files in the search result 
window, and it has a realy nice kopete log viewer.
Strigi, on the other hand... well... the complete search results are shown in a 
browser (I have to wait 'till it's open), the categories it uses are even worse 
than google's, it searches through every text file the same... I get kopete 
logs, normal text files, c, java, haskell, latex sources, and configuration 
files all mixed up. Even the web page is ugly. And I really miss the kopete log 
viewer... I really use the index search to remember what I've been told (my 
biological memory sucks).
Maybe all that can be fixed or reconfigured... but I don't know how. I googled a 
bit about it but found nothing.
Is there a strigi client in the style of kerry?
Is there any kopete log viewer that I can associate with the log xml files to 
show them in a more human fashion?
Is there any way to... well... organize the search results? so, at least it 
doesn't get everything so mixed up?

I never really used strigi because I was comfortable with beagle... but I always 
thought of Kubuntu guys like the kind of people that is very careful choosing 
programs. I even like Dolphin for my day to day file administration tasks. I 
think it was an improvement... but strigi... well... It's really letting me 

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