Bruce Marshall bmarsh at
Thu Jul 3 20:15:22 BST 2008

On Thursday 03 July 2008, Peter O'Reilly wrote:
> I have a service called 'noip' that is supposed to  start at bootup.
> In the left hand pane is says start at bootup 'Yes' and 'service is not
> running' (but is is running)
> When I start the service I get this error,
> Starting dynamic address update: /usr/bin/noip2 already running.
> noip2.
> There are other services, like postfix, that are supposed to start at
> bootup but aren't.

Are these other services enabled in your:

system settings  -->  advanced  -->  System services    ??

If so, then check your boot messages  (dmesg)  and see if there are errors.

Also check   /var/log/messages     or /var/log/daemon.log   
or   /var/log/syslog

There's lots of places to look for the problem.

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