Google Earth / lib32nss-mdns

Steven Vollom stevenvollom at
Thu Jul 3 16:45:08 BST 2008

Michael wrote:
> 8.04
> ------
> I have successfully installed GoogleEarth.  However, it won't connect to
> the internet which apparently is due to something that only shows up as
> Error 29.   After googling "googleearth" and "error 29", the only
> solution that was posted was to install lib32nss-mdns.
> When I sudo apt-get install lib32nss-mdns, it says file not found.  Is
> there a repository that contains this file? 
> Michael
Dear Michael,

When I had Kubuntu Gutsy as my OS, there was a program called 
Automatix2.  It contained all the programs that decode movies and the 
like, as well as Google Earth.  It apparently contained the appropriate 
dependencies to make it work.  Since I installed Hardy, I have noticed 
that certain things do not work that did in Gutsy.  Automatix2 is one of 
them.  Perhaps the software that is needed is not made yet.  I don't 
know.  I haven't installed it yet.  I will try to see if I can install 
Google Earth using Adept Package Manager, if it works, I will let you 

I have cleaned up and organized the work area at the church.  The 
cabinets below the desk contain most of what is needed.  I made a 
portable workbench out of one of the carts and put Hard Drives on the 
second shelf.  I put the only Motherboard that I found on the top, 
screwed to a board that is clamped onto the cart.  I think it will work 
better than using the desk, because it is portable.  You can rotate it 
to work from the side or back if that helps installation of anything.

I tried to install Kubuntu on a couple of hard drives, but did not have 
my copy of Gparted, so I was unable to take the HD from Windows to 
Kubuntu.  If you are able to partition to an Ext3 file  type and are 
there before the work is completed, you can finish what I started.  
There is a copy of Kubuntu 8.04 in the file on the right.  Tools are in 
the smallest drawer in the center of the right computer.  The smaller 
computer that has a 2000 installation belongs to Charlie Lightle.  It 
needs inistallation work so that it will function.

They have not provided us with any Legal copies of Windows Os's, so I 
don't know how we can make Windows systems.  They are preferred by 
people who like to play games; Kubuntu doesn't do that very well.  I 
sure would appreciate your ideas.

If I can get a copy of Gutsy, I will.  That may make your Google Earth 
problem go away.


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