Kubuntu Files report: was "Re: How to clean out ~/home"

Nigel Ridley nigel at rmk.co.il
Thu Jul 3 16:43:56 BST 2008

david wrote:
> On Wednesday 02 July 2008 8:53:25 am Bas Roufs wrote:
>> Dear Paul, Dear Everybody
>> A safe, but time consuming method may be as follows:
>> * make a back-up of all your personal files and e-mails at another
>> computer or at an external HD
>> * generate a KUBUNTU FILES report containing an overview of all the
>> software installed at your PC
>> * back-up this KUBUNTU FILES report also elsewhere
>> * make a fresh install 'from scratch' at your HD while reformatting/
>> overwriting the old configuration.
>> * after installing the basic stuff, use to the KUBUNTU FILES report to
>> add to it all the software you have been using before.
>> If you are interested, I can explain in more detail how to generate and
>> use a KUBUNTU FILES report.
> I'd be interested in this. :-) I maintain a couple kubuntu installs for family 
> and when I do a fresh install for an upgrade I get tired of configuring 
> everything all over again.

You could try looking here:

It is for Debian but should work for Kubuntu




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