Firefox on KDE4: ugly and will stay ugly (with screenshot)

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Tue Jul 1 19:25:12 UTC 2008

2008/7/1 Frederic Schaer <fred.schaer at>:

> You're not alone concerning Gimp UI, I fear ... I once read somebody who
> was using a virtual desktop for managing gimp windows (i.e : gimp on
> desktop 2, and *alone*) - I think it's the best advice I've seen so far
> concerning this s****d way of handling windows up to now :]
> Gimp "deweirdifier" is not so stable...
> And back to FF : I feel it is as ugly on KDE3, it's not because it's run
> in KDE4 that it changes a lot... I was even surprised to see that the
> default theme in windows looks... different. I'm wondering why default
> theme is different depending on the platform.
> Cheers
> something that always bothered me since the first beta of firefox 3 was
released. the windows firefox is much prettier! i'm typing this message on
windows no (at work), the back button with the forward button and the recent
pages arrow are mixed together in a very beautiful way, whereas on linux, it
is still the same dull distinct buttons, like it was in firefox 2. why?
the coloring isn't much of a problem with me, even though firefox resembles
the old classic theme of windows, but that's no big deal compared to
buttons, the feeds in the bookmarks toolbar (which also are different
between OSes), and various tiny things in the UI.
ok, linux is not about being flashy like what M$ cares only about, but
still, linux users DO want nice looks, and flashy appearances, it's just not
their top concern!

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