Strigi results

nepal nepal.roade at
Sun Jan 27 15:02:52 GMT 2008

On Saturday 26 January 2008, O. Sinclair wrote:
> Honestly,
> does anyone get something meaningful out of Strigi?
> I have x number of documents etc and I have had Strigi
> run its indexing and so on. On search for eg "scc" I get
> loads of hltm, vcf and so on files. But no documents and
> I can tell you I have loads of documents with scc in the
> title not to mention in the text.
> Search for "Bowie" and expect music files etc and get,
> again, old hmtl pages I have stored.
> Seems rather meaningless to use at the moment or I am
> doing something fundamentally wrong.
> Sinclair

I tried Strigi for a while but ended up discarding it. I 
found in the repos "Recoll".

So far I find it more useful than Strigi and it doesn't seem 
to tie up resources  the way Beagle/Kat etc do.

I just don't understand the multiple index part so far (at 
least enough to get it working).


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