Accented characters

Lisi Reisz lisi.reisz at
Sat Jan 26 15:34:04 GMT 2008

On Saturday 26 January 2008 14:55, Wulfy wrote:
> > They can all be formed by the methods described, but I think the point
> > Lisi and I would make is that those characters are not directly
> > accessible, as accented characters are on, say, a Swiss keyboard.
> >  (aside: w is a vowel in Welsh, which should be some consolation to those
> > driven to cry into their cwrw!)

I think you are still missing the point - anyhow the point that I was making. 
(Which was intended as a passing acknowledgement of what Rosie had said.  But 
has grown. :-(  )  My keyboard, being "GB" doesn't have the keys for French 
accented letters.  The French one does.  The accents are accessible, but are 
not on the keyboard.  The letters *on* this keyboard are all for the English 
language, and those for the other languages used in these islands are not, 
except in so far as they coincide - anyhow in form - with the English ones.  

It is therefore a misnomer to call it a "GB" or"UK" keyboard.  I am objecting 
semantically.  It is not a GB keyboard, it is an English one.  (GB English, 
if you will - but still English.)


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