Accented characters

Wulfy wulfmann at
Fri Jan 25 11:08:25 GMT 2008

Rosalind Mitchell wrote:
> The ç is bit of a bugger.  I can get ¢ with AltGr-C but I can't think of 
> anywhere a little limey girl like me might use it (I don't think my many 
> American friends use it very much either, come to think of it) and I wish I 
> could customise it to give me a ç but I dare say I can use a compose key for 
> this as Doc suggests.
On my default gb keyboard map, «ç» ( :@þ ) is <AltGr>= c ...

Accents are on the punctuation keys to the right of the keyboard, 
activated by <AltGR>.



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