I did Adept update on Kubuntu 7.10 tonight -- rebooted -- desktop is blank!

roger at rogerchrisman.com roger at rogerchrisman.com
Tue Jan 22 19:11:32 GMT 2008

Fixed it!

_Here's how:

I logged into a *failsafe* session (Login screen > Menu icon (at
bottom right) > Session type > Failsafe). Then I rebooted. Then I was
able to log into a normal KDE session just fine. Desktop icons, KDE
Panel, all restored to normal. Yeah!

I don't know what had caused the problem but maybe the failsafe
session login and logout washed the problem away, whatever it was.


On Jan 21, 2008 11:44 PM,  <roger at rogerchrisman.com> wrote:
> Desktop went blank on my other Kubuntu 7.10 computer after routine
> Adept update tonight. After reboot it now has no desktop icons, no
> task bar, no context menu. Nothing but a blue desktop image and a
> white cursor arrow. Rebooting again doesn't fix it. Same for both
> original user desktop and the additional user's desktop I have on that
> computer.
> What happened?
> _What I did
> Tonight I did a routine update on that computer (a six year old AMD
> Athlon i386 ATX with 1G ram and Kubuntu 7.10) via Adept. I didn't look
> at what was updated, just updated everything that was available. It
> had been a couple weeks since the last update. Everything seemed to
> update fine. So I quite Adept and rebooted.
> _Problem
> Now when I boot up that computer and log into either user (I have 2 on
> that box), the KDE "Loading Desktop Settings" seems to stall -- login
> waits at that point for about 30 to 60 seconds, then proceeds to a
> blank desktop with _only_ the blue-and-curved-lines desk image and a
> white cursor arrow. The mouse moves the arrow around but left, right
> and middle click do nothing. No context menu appears. My desktop icons
> are gone. No task bar at all. Alt+F1 does not bring any task bar up,
> either.
> Any ideas what happened?
> How can recover my normal desktop settings and get back to normal on
> that computer?
> Thanks,
> Roger

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