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Donn donn.ingle at
Sat Jan 19 17:29:15 GMT 2008

> > Hello Pot, meet Kettle.
> What is the meaning of that expression? I've never heard it. I'm not
> offended, but I'm interested in knowing what it means.
"The pot called the kettle black" is a way of saying one is a hypocrite. Both 
are blackened from the flames anyway. That's my understanding of it. I don't 
think it's a strong insult, more a funny reminder to look at ones' 

> I should mention that I meant no offense to Billie. If offense was
> taken (or suspected), then I apologize.
(I'm not Billie, but) I have not taken a shred of offense from anything you 
have ever posted. I think you should stop apologizing to everyone and sundry. 
You are polite and well-spoken IMHO.


"There is a profound distinction between a consoling delusion and the truth."
-- Sam Harris

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