(Newbie) [sudo] password stagnation - a few questions more.

Bas Roufs basroufs at gmail.com
Wed Jan 16 12:57:54 GMT 2008

Dear Terence, Andrew and Henri, Dear Everybody

Thanks for your quick answers. Here I summarise them.
>> ... This is how sudo is supposed to work, just type your password in and hit enter, it's not printed when you type it. ....Right.  It is a little awkward to not have anything echoed back when you type (not even *'s), but don't worry about it.  Just type it in and hit enter. ....Normal !!!! it 's sudo passwd ...
Now, I check whether I understood you well. A few minutes ago, I exactly 
followed up your advise via the so-called 'root shell':
* typing the password without waiting for the *** or any other feedback 
coming from the screen
* simply hitting enter.
And indeed, a slightly different result came out. The 'root shell' 
console shows now the following feed-back:
root at Viaconsensus1:~# ¦
With the "¦" I symbolise a cursor I see blinkering on the screen, one 
position right of '#'. 'Viaconsensus1' is the name I have given to the 
computer when I installed Kubuntu on it. Does this imply that I am able 
now to give in commands for which I would need this root access password?
However it may be, it seemingly only works like that via the 'root 
shell'. The other consoles still seem to stagnate when I give in there 
'sudo passwrd': they do not recognise any more 'sudo' or 'passwrd'. Has 
this to do with the fact that I STAY in the root area after one time 
correctly giving in a password?

Respectfully yours.


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